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What you’ll learn


Anatomy of the outer ear/ear canal


Types of tools to remove earwax – curettages and suction.


Information on where to obtain the different types of curettes and suction tips and which are better and why


Review of infection control on what types of instruments need to be sterilized and what’s best to use for sterilization


Softening agents that are effective in loosening the wax.


Different diseases and disorders to be aware of (for example if the patient is diabetic and/or on blood thinners they are prone to infection and excessive bleeding.


How to recognize abnormalities in the ear canal and if/when they need to be treated) so that you know what technique is best.


Populations of people who are more likely to build up excessive earwax without being aware

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Name: Dr. Jennifer Stinson, Au.D.

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Certifications: Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, American Board of Audiology Certified, Member Academy of Doctors of Audiology, Member Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology, Licensed to practice in PA, GA, DE, MD, NC

Years in practice: 19 years and counting

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Disclosure- Amy Black is a contributing partner to Earwaxology, LLC and also works for Black and Black Surgical. She assisted in providing photographs and information on cerumen management tools, supplies, etc.